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Real Estates or Domain Name Investment?

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Did you know that you could actually invest in buying and selling domain names just like when you buy and flip property for profit? In fact, there is more money in domain names than there is in property investment and the risk is very low and almost nonexistent.

From a minimum of R150 per annum, you could register a domain name that you think will be in demand in the near future from companies like And if you were right about the domain you could actually sell it for thousands of rands and even millions a few years later.

Mark Zuckerberg & Jack Dosey the founders of the current most popular social networks, Facebook & Twitter paid a hefty price for their domains and Their biggest mistake was that when they started their companies they forgot to secure the most important thing; domain names. So as their companies were growing popular, other people saw the opportunity to buy the domains: and just before Mark & Jack could buy them. By the time they realized it was already too late and Facebook ended up paying $200 000.00(R3200 000.00) for the domain, and Twitter bought from its previous owner for $7500.00(R120 000.00).

In real estate’s investment terms R120 000.00 or R3200 000.00 could be what you need as a down payment depending on the type of property you are trying to invest in. On top of that, you are still not guaranteed an ROI(Return On Investment). This makes Real Estate investing riskier than just buying a domain name for as little as R150 per annum, an amount you would still spend on a McDonald’s meal for two.
There are currently a handful of people in the U.S and Europe who become rich by merely buying and selling domain names. And the cool thing about it is that in Africa it is still an unexplored territory which means there is a potential to making a lot of money.

If you would like to start your new journey on domain investment, you can secure your first domain on . I have a variety of tutorials on my YouTube channel where I show people how to buy and register their domain name with bunniehost. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp me on this LINK and I will be glad to help you for free. All the best.

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Protect Your Business Idea With All Your Might.

Did you know that registering your company with CIPC doesn’t fully protect your company name from being used by other people and businesses?



Intellectual Property
Did you know that registering your company with CIPC doesn't fully protect your company name from being used by other people and businesses?

Did you know that registering your company with CIPC doesn’t fully protect your company name from being used by other people and businesses?

Though someone else may not legally have the exact same business name as yours from CIPC they can still use it as their brand name and also as their domain name for their website if you didn’t take further steps in protecting the name.


To reduces even the slightest chance of people using the same brand name as yours, you need to register a trademark with CIPC. Trademarking can help if your company name is something new and unique like “google”. Though Trademark registration is a very pricey and lengthy process that can take about 6 to 12 months, the good thing about it is that as soon as you have filed the trademark, your name/logo will be protected against anyone who will try to file the same trademark.

Another thing you need to quickly do is to register a domain name as soon as your company name has been approved by CIPC. The nice thing about domain name protection is that its due restrictions are global, this means that when you buy a domain name it is yours worldwide, and yours alone until you decide to sell it or forfeit it. You can register your company domain name on


Copyright laws could either work for you or against you depending on what you do in the early days of your business. If you need trademark services and free help with the domain registration process don’t hesitate to contact me.

All the best!

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How To Get Funding From NYDA In 5 Easy Steps

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Photo: Shutterstock

My journey with the NYDA started when I decided to attend a business seminar in Kwaggafontein Mpumalanga back home. My purpose was to mainly network and find clients but also to find out about funding initiatives. I noticed however that most of the engagements from the audience were filled with disgruntlement and stories of disappointments. Disappointments about how these organizations don’t live up to their promises. Being young and optimistic about the future I decided to not focus on the negativity but rather try my luck. So I went to the tables of each organization collecting their information brochures to find out more about their offerings.

What caught my attention was the grant and voucher program which was being offered by the NYDA. It caught my attention because the funding was strictly a grant and not a loan. Also for me, the application process was very easy and had no red-tapes whatsoever. So to cut the story short I eventually did apply for the grant and voucher program and my application was successful.  The grant was approved within 4 weeks and we used the funds to buy a printing machine worth R49ooo.00. So I also want to share with you tips on How To Get Funding From NYDA In 5 Easy Steps:

1. Have Compliance documents(Not Mandatory)

Get your company registered with CIPS, SARS, and also have a business bank account. Though this is not a mandatory step, it will help the NYDA see that you really mean business. Why not just make everything simple and have your compliance documents ready before you can even apply?

2. Attend NYDA Entrepreneurship Training (Mandatory)

The second step is to attend the NYDA 5-day training and mentorship on entrepreneurship. After applying for the training you must make regular follow-ups on when you can start attending. Once you get the training, you must also make a follow-up and make sure that you get your accreditation certificate. Without the certificate, you are not eligible to apply for the grant program, so you need to be very diligent. This step is where many people tend to fail and lose hope because the process can be very slow.

3. Run your business for at least 12 months before you apply(Not Mandatory)

NYDA grant program is for tried and tested businesses and not for mere business ideas. You need to produce your business bank statements, invoices, and financial records to show the financial health of your business. I personally believe that you need at least 12 months for you to be able to produce detailed records. Use free online accounting software like pastel accounting that comes with your business bank account. Ask your business banker about these added features. Please note that your financial statements do not have to be verified by a qualified accountant.

4. Have basic branding(Not Mandatory)

This step is very crucial in making you stand out from the rest of the applicants. Have proper corporate stationery such as business cards, letterhead, company folder, and profile. Have a professional email with your company name and use it when making communications between you and NYDA. You can get a domain name for only R150.00 per annum and email hosting for just R34 per month from Have an email signature at the end of every email you send. You can get a professionally designed email signature from

5. Have an office(Mandatory)

The last step is to make sure that you have an office/shop. If it means you have to turn your backroom or home garage into an office just do it. The NYDA wants you to have an office address and see where you operate. Even if you run an online business you must have an office where you run your administration. Try to get as much traffic as you can to your office in the duration of your application even if it means having a couple of friends visit you because “No one knows the day or the hour to which an NYDA official will arrive to assess your businesses”. Though they don’t come like a thief in the night, you better be most prepared.

For extensive knowledge on NYDA grant application please visit their website:

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6 Stunning new co-working spaces around the globe

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Photo: Shutterstock

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